Get a listing of table names on a particular file group

  • Hello.

    Is there a way to get a listing of tables on a particular file group from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views? I've poked around in the system tables and found a table called sysfilegroups. I don't know (yet) if/how I can join this table to INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables to get what I want.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance that anyone can provide.

  • here you go: i had this saved in my SQL2000 snippets.

    it produces results like this:

    TableName IndexName FileGroupName

    CacheData PK_CacheData PRIMARY



    here's the script:

    SELECT OBJECT_NAME( i."id" ) AS TableName ,

    i."Name" AS IndexName ,

    FILEGROUP_NAME( i.groupid ) AS FileGroupName

    FROM sysindexes AS i

    WHERE ( i.indid IN ( 0 , 1 ) Or i.indid < 255 ) And -- Tables & indexes only

    OBJECTPROPERTY( i."id" , 'IsUserTable' ) = 1 And -- User tables only

    OBJECTPROPERTY( i."id" , 'IsMSShipped' ) = 0 And -- No system tables

    COALESCE( INDEXPROPERTY( i."id" , i."Name" , 'IsStatistics' ) , 0 ) = 0 And -- No Statistics / Auto-Create stats

    COALESCE( INDEXPROPERTY( i."id" , i."Name" , 'IsHypothetical' ) , 0 ) = 0 -- No Hypothetical statistics

    ORDER BY FileGroupName , TableName , IndexName


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  • That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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