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  • Stewart "Arturius" Campbell

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    Nice one, thanks Steve

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  • Shayn Thomas


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    got this one wrong, should have known really, but still all my tests returned apple and pear

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  • gvoshol 73146

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    Often queries will return the "first" x items.  But just as a query without an ORDER BY doesn't necessarily return the "first" items, neither does STRING_SPLIT always return items in order.

    I'll bet Jeff Moden got this one right  🙂


  • rustman

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    Good lesson on general query often returned in what we think they should be but in reality no guarantee of that without the order by clause.

  • mvarey


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    I don't think it will ever return anything but apple and pear since it is not a table, but a string list.  If it were a table, then the answer would be correct, but since it is NOT a table, it will always return apple and pear.

  • Fred_unique

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    But string_split returns a table, to which the select is applied.  So order is not guaranteed.  The documentation emphasizes that.  I know, every test returns the expected order.  It would be when I depend on it in production that something would go wrong.

  • ScottPletcher

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    You really should start using the new syntax, with parentheses around the row count:

    SELECT TOP (2) *

    FROM STRING_SPLIT(@s, ',') AS ss

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    Good catch, Scott. Changing that.

    String_split returns a table. The list is converted into a table, so normal query rules for a table apply. In this case, there is no PK, and no ordering guaranteed. In this small sample, it typically is the same, but it could be different, depending on how this "table" gets held in memory or spilled to disk. No one should expect ordering without an ORDER BY in a query against a table.


  • Data_God


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    Maybe I'm just being dense here but I got the question wrong and then started reading through the comments. I did some testing where I issued the query, issued the query with a GO 10 (Screenshot included) a GO 100 (No screenshot too long to show all results) and a GO 1000 (Again no screenshot, same reason).


    In  every case I got back Apple as line 1 and pear as line 2.

    What am I missing?

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  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    There is no guarantee of ordering when selecting from a table without an ORDER BY

  • David Conn


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