Generating Test Data with Integration Services

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  • nice article.

    Kindest Regards,

    Amit Lohia

  • Helpful article now that I am actually trying to use the Script Component.  One thing that has baffled me from the beginning - and necessated the use of the Script Component is the lack of an "Execute SQL" capability in any of the toolbars - both those present on the Package Editor page, or elsewhere.

    You made reference to "Add two Execute SQL Task components and " and they just are not there to be added.

    I presume you developed this from an earlier beta since you referred to "DTS" at one point, and since you also said something about "VBA", since the language used in the Script Component is "VSA"... granted, "based" on VBA; but too new for there to be books out there on it.

    Test data is always a problem.  I spent 18 months on a project with Boeing managing a team of five doing nothing but building test data.  It can be painful.  It's nice to have the basis for a tool; but MUCH more interesting to see SSIS in action as I struggle to make it work for me.  Thank you.


    david russell

  • Whoops!  "necessitated"

    Don't you just HATE that ?



    david russell

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