Generating Permutations in T-SQL

  • I have a new solution. This one is Recursive CTE but only builds valid solutions instead of all solutions. It will produce the 3.6 million permutations for a 10 character string in 3:02 minutes.

    declare @t varchar(10) = 'ABCDEFGHIJ'

    ;with s(t,n) as (

    select substring(@t,1,1),1

    union all

    select substring(@t,n+1,1),n+1

    from s where n<len(@t)


    ,j(t) as (

    select cast(t as varchar(10)) from s

    union all

    select cast(j.t+s.t as varchar(10))

    from j,s where patindex('%'+s.t+'%',j.t)=0


    select t from j where len(t)=len(@t)

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