Generate QR Code® barcodes in an SSRS report with the QRCoder library

  • Hi everyone,

    I have another issue with this:

    If I use this code, I get the image, but of course it only picks the first data in the table:

    =Code.QRCoderByteArray("MYDOMAIN/?UID=" + First(Fields!OPENING_UID.Value, "data") + "&AUTH=" + Fields!UID.Value)

    If I use this code to have the correct data in the table, I don't have the image:

    =Code.QRCoderByteArray("MYDOMAIN/?UID=" + Fields!OPENING_UID.Value + "&AUTH=" + Fields!UID.Value)

    What could that be, and how could I avoid that? Any help would be great!


  • Hey guys,

    Just a question: If I install the assemblies on the GAC, on the SSRS server, will it still work?



  • Thanks for the start article. Installed the libraries from the resources in the SSRS GAC. Also copied them to ReportServer\bin folder.

    Todo: reportbuilder


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