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  • I've been working with S.S. 7 for the past eight months, and am looking at certification. I know 2000 is the latest, but I don't have access to 2000. Would it be a waste of my time to take the exams for 7 since I am comfortable with it and get hands work with it? Or should I take what I know from 7 and study and prepare for the 2000 exam. Just as a side note, I do alot development with a little administration, so I was going to take the implementation and design exam. If you have any advice it is greatly appreciated.

  • The v7 Design test was harder than the v2000 test, IMHO. I took both within a few weeks of each other. Of course, I work in 2000 most of the time and just had written the Sybex book for 2000.

    I think that v7.0 saw tremendous adoption rates over the last 3 years and 2000 is a little slower. Overall, there are probably tons of v7 sites, so I do not think it is a waste of time. As a pro, I wanted to be able to say I have passed the tests for v6.5, v7, and v2000.

    Steve Jones

  • Hey now...since I haven't passed the 6.5 exam Im not a pro?!!

    Joe, I'd say go for the SQL 7 exam since that is what you're using. As far as training with SQL2K, get a book that has an eval version on the CD or just download from MS. Good for 120 days, if you're training that is more than enough, since you'll probably want to format/install a couple times.


  • A little late (:) but still relevant: I think someone fairly strong in SS7 could pass the SS2K exams. It wouldn't be a walk in the park by any means. Get the 120-day free trial of SS2K and i think your experience will cover the gaps. You won't ace the test but you will pass.

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