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  • I reviewed the list and found that I have only been to 3.  But unlike many people, I really have no desire to increase that number.

    When I plan to vacation, my goal is solitude or history.  A cabin up north.  A State Park or National Park.  A historic site.  Bucket list type destinations are Yellowstone, Glacier, Alaska and Gettysburg.


  • Glad to see you've been to a few places. I've done a lot in the last 4-5 years, close to and in my 50s. It's a challenge to travel, though this year things are opening up a bit. Trip planned to a new place with my wife (Amsterdam for her) and North Germany for both of us. Looking forward to trying to get something else next year. Machu Pichu if my ankle heals up.

  • +1 for Gettysburg. I would love to live there.

    So, my count is 9, including working in the Miami area for more than 2 years. I've been "to" Chicago and Amsterdam, but not going to count airport-only stops.

    Also lived in Germany for 2 years (around Frankfurt). While the big cities listed here are fine, it really is great to  get out "in the country." I enjoy Oxford as much as I enjoy London.

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  • Those are cool places. I'm heading to Lingen this year, from Amsterdam. I count the latter as I spent a weekend there in college, getting another 2 days this year.

    I've been to Oxford for an afternoon, but I love Cambridge. I spend 20 days a year there and it's wonderful.


  • I consider myself well travelled and I've made it to 31 of the cities on your list. I've also been to 49 different countries but still plan to add a number more to this list! I'm 36, so still fairly young so have plenty of time to explore new places. I think living in the UK and not having children has helped a lot, plus I took a year out and went travelling in my 20's which included 6 months in South America. Excellent continent by the way.

    Even with all the travelling I still have lots of places I want to go. I planned a trip to Yellowstone and South West Canada that was delayed due to Covid. Alaska is high on my list. Japan, New Zealand, Norway, even Antarctica. I also really wanted to go to Easter Island and Galapagos when I was in South America but couldn't afford it so they're also on a future list. Far too much of the World to see!

    Funny you should mention Cambridge Steve. I live about 15 miles north of Cambridge (in Ely, small cathedral city) so spend a lot of time there. Pretty city with lots to do and years of history, plus a surprising amount of greenery. Lots of cool bars and restaurants too. Ely is well worth a day trip too and only takes about 10 minutes to get there on the train from Cambridge.

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