Function to Split a Delimited String into a Table

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  • SQL 2005 variant that doesn't use a loop.

    Could be easily modified to work with nvarchar(4000)

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  • Hi good Sir

    thanks for doing the string split function. i would like to kindly ask if you have a sample code for my scenario below;

    Column 1 = ID

    Column 2 = Lastname

    Column 3 = Job Description

    and then i will declare a variable to be used in inserting the columns mentioned above

    declare @Value varchar(4000)

    set @value = 'IDValue,Lastnamevalue,JobDescriptionvalue'

    i noticed that you are inserting these values in a single column. is it possible to save these values in a seperate column named ID,Lastname and Job Description? your assistance is very much appreciated.

    Best Regards


  • Hi,

    Thank you, I've found this function very useful.

    There is a little typo at the line

    SET @list = LTRIM(RTRIM(@list)) + ','

    Instead of concatenating with default value (,), you must concatenate with passed in @delimiter argument.

    SET @list = LTRIM(RTRIM(@list)) + @delimiter

    Without this, if you use delimiter different than comma, it will not add last row to the resulting table.

    For example:

    select * from DStringToTable(N'one|two', N'|')

    returns table




    which is missing value 'two'

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