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  • This is what I have but keeps getting error, I have this report I need to generate by Urgency, group and the age of the incident by open date

    this is what I have


    [Incident #],

    [Urgency ID],

    [Group Name],

    Open Date & Time],

    [_SMDBA_.Incident_Age = datediff] (d, [Open Date & Time], getdate())-----ERROR is at this line

    from [_SMDBA_.Incident_Age

    where [Open Date & Time] > '2007-1-1' and [Close Date & Time]= NULL

    and [Group Name] = 'NOC'

    group by [Group Name] , [Urgency ID],[_SMDBA_.Incident_Age]

    Can anyone hep Thanks

  • Wow. OK, well first, you are definitely in the wrong forum, I would suggest a T-SQL forum or similar here on this site.

    And secondly, read this link to see how to get better responses to your posts:


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