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  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor (3/20/2013)

    david.wright-948385 (3/20/2013)

    Nice question - based on painful experience Steve? 😎

    Yes. I was working with this for a talk and kept editing what I thought was the English file. Eventually I researched and realized I was editing the wrong file.

    yeah, me too a while ago :hehe:

  • Revenant (3/19/2013)

    (Bob Brown) (3/19/2013)

    Yay. Great question. Had to do a lot of research to get it right. Thanks.


    (50 minutes of study)

    Read the question yesterday and did not have time to complete the reading I needed to do to get the answer. I finally got there and appreciate the question.


    Not all gray hairs are Dinosaurs!

  • sestell1 (3/19/2013)

    Interesting question. In researching this, I was amazed how many posts I found stating that SQL Server needed to be restarted after changing a thesaurus file.

    aahh!!! As soon as I saw the Restart SQL server option, I jumped on it as the answer with a pride only known to a dumbass in a hurry!!!

    I guess it doesn't matter how many times I restarted the server if I keep editing the wrong file.. does it? 🙁

    If I can answer a question then anyone can answer it..trying to reverse the logic.. :hehe:

  • zippity dodah - i got it right.

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