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  • mbassem91

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    I am using full text indexing for partial match and Today it started to be very slow when I use the following queries

    It takes more than 1 min to return the results.

    SELECT *


    [Syn].[CustomerNamesSyn] AS Customer WITH(NOLOCK)


    CONTAINS(Customer.CustomerName, ‘ ”any input string *” ’)


    The full text index is set on CustomerName column

    I was using same query for more than a year and has not experienced such slowness before.

    What could have went wrong?

  • Sue_H

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    To start, you would probably want to check the full text log. That would list the last crawl and any errors that may have occurred. You would also want to do a quick check of sys.fulltext_indexes to see if the crawl completed, start and end times.



  • Mr. Brian Gale


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    Did you look at the execution plan to ensure that SQL was using the full text index?

    a nice read on CONTAINS vs CONTAINSTABLE is here:


    If it IS being used, my next thought is that you are not doing maintenance on the full text index and it is getting fragmented and causing performance issues.

    My third thought is that your query is actually part of a stored procedure and that '"any input string *"' is an input to that stored procedure and you are being hit with parameter sniffing.

    Microsoft also has some tips on how to improve query performance with full text queries:


    A small thing that makes me a bit nervous with your query is that you have "WITH(NOLOCK)" in there.  There are risks with using NOLOCK and in general, it is advised to avoid it where possible.

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