Full Backups and data loss risk with INIT option

  • Hi,

    I have backups scheduled with a Full Backup (with the INIT and SKIP commands) weekly, Differentials Daily, and Log Backups hourly. These all use the same backup device/file. My question is, because I am using the INIT and SKIP options on the Full backup (to keep the backup file size manageable), am I at risk of complete data loss if my database fails during the Full backup?

    When I say fail, I mean the database itself is destroyed...not the backup job failing. For example, let's assume the Full backup takes 4 hours. 2 hours into the backup, the database server "goes bang". Have I also lost the previous weeks Full backup, the Differentials and the Log Backups because it "went bang" after the backup started. Or is the backup operation itself on the backup device/file somehow "transacted" and not committed until the end?



  • I am going to repost this to a more recent SQL Version. I'm not sure how it got into SQLServer 7,2000. I am using SQL2016.

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