front-end tools in SQL Server????

  • jzhou


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    Does anyone know whether there is front-end tool in SQL Server would allow us to build easy front-end, like FORM in ORACLE?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Antares686

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    About the easiest but most painfully poor way to do this is Access using linked tables.Other than that, I know of nothing right off.

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  • crosspatch

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    Depends on your definition of 'easy'.

    Access front-ends can be unbelievably cumbersome and uncontrollable.

    VB using the ado datacontrol and bound data-controls is pretty straightforward, doesn't carry the MSACCESS baggage and, to my experience, is far more controllable.

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  • Andy Warren

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    Access is good enough for quick and dirty forms.


  • cwedgwood50


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    I don't think there is much to choose from between the 2 if you just want an easy way to enter a bit of data, maybe access has the edge, however, if your looking at building forms to distribute to others to use I would go with VB as it allows much better deployment, although I think the most flexible solution is to do it through a web front end and use something like interdev or dreamweaver. Then you don't have to distribute the forms at all. This does require a little more work tho. Depends on your requirements I supose.

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