Freeze Panes in Reports

  • I have searches and search for this seemily easy report formatting. How can you freeze columns like in excel on large reports? Searching has lead me to column markers, but I cannot find them in the layout tab when formatting my report. Arghh!!!!


  • In the table properties check tthe "Header should remain visible while scrolling"- check box.

    For a matrix check the "Group header should remain visisble while scrolling" - checkbox of the group properties.

  • Thanks, that helps with the top scrolling, but can you freeze left to right? I want the 1st 3 colunms on the report not to scroll.

  • When I export to Excel I would like the table headers to be frozen. The RepeatOnNewPage is set to true and the "Header should remain visible while scrolling option" is checked as well. But even after exporting to Excel the row headers aren't frozen. I can move the header textboxes to the Page Header, but if the sizes of the textboxes in the Page Header don't match the size of the textboxes in the table (body), the excel sheet produces extra columns.

    Any suggestions?


  • Seajoker: Highlight each column and set the FixedHeader property to True.

  • Dear all,

    Could you please help me. I use SQL 2000 Server Reporting Services. How can I freez column and header column when I scroll the report. I tried to find the check box of fixed report header as you do but I can't. So how can I do....

    Many thanks,


  • Select the Column which u want to freeze, but it should be the Right most or Left most column/s

    Go to the Properties of the Column u selected & then Under


    FixedHeader: Make this Property to True & the column is Freezed.


  • I've found the where to affect the headers in the properties of the groups.... But I've found that the report when deployed doesn't have this properties, only in VS... Any ideas why that would happen?

    Ideally, I'd like the freezing of panes to export to excel as well. Does this require VB scripting or something?


  • is this in 2005 or 2008 because i dont see a layout property for the matrix object nor the table object

  • Thanks a lot...

    Its working..

    No Dream Is Too Big....!

  • Can you please post your solution?

  • Hi, seajoker.

    I know a best choice for you to solve the problem -- RAQ Report.

    With it, you need only 2 steps:

    1. Set rows and columns you want to freeze as "table head rows" and "table head columns".

    2. Set needScroll="yes" in tag properties.

    Have a try of free report journey at[/url].

    RAQ Report: Web-based Excel-like Java reporting tool[/url]

  • Hi,

    I've set this property and noticed the difference in the web browser but when you open it in Excel the columns are not frozen.... Any ideas?

    (In explorer, they freeze but not in excel)


  • Do the columns stay frozen in report server too (the web view)?


  • Hi, seajoker.

    You can try to use RAQ Report[/url] to solve your problem. As I know, it allows users to set specific rows as top report header area, or set specifc columns as left report header area. Then, you can freeze them easily.

    RAQ Report: Web-based Excel-like Java reporting tool[/url]

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