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  • I have a report that has many datasets that populate different tables. Depending on an ID tables are being shown or hidden. The issue we have is regardless of the show/hide the stored procedure for that table runs against the server. We have 10 datasets for one entity and have this set up to run for thousands of entities at a time, creating a lot of overhead on the server. Is there a better way to do this so, for instance if table 4 is the only data needed then ONLY that SP is run?

    Any help is appreciated here, been banging my head against the wall for too long.

  • It sounds as if you need multiple stored procedures.  Call the appropriate one depending upon the ID.

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  • Sounds like you're trying to build a universal query, or a catch-all query. These things are notoriously difficult, and as the linked article explains in detail, extremely inefficient (I can't seem to link to two of Gail's blog posts on the topic, but they're out there). You're almost always better off building a query for the information your need. Period. Full Stop. If that means more than one report, it means more than one report.

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