Focus On The Positive

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  • Excellent post and suggestion, thank you!

  • Not a problem. This is the kind of stuff people really need right now. I hope it helps.

  • Great thoughts to be reminded of doing this stress filled time.  Thanks.

  • Three cheers, Grant.

    Some might say, or perhaps feel, that positive thinking is wishful thinking right now. I deny the charge.

    The more positively I think, the more positively I will experience everything that happens.

    Also, and crucially, we are what we choose. We aren’t what we eat – though what we eat has a big effect on us. We aren’t what we wear – though what we wear says a lot about us. We are what we choose, what we decide, to think.

    I’m not saying that choosing to think positively isn’t sometimes, maybe often, a battle. But boy, is it a battle worth winning. And there is help out there – not least, help from each other.

    It’s not about what happens to us, but about how we take it. If we take these troubles right, we will emerge as men, women, people of stature and worth – even if we started off as wimps.

    Let’s go for it.


  • The lazy people also require their due credit as someone said give the laziest people in the team the work and they will find a quick way.The matter of fact is to make the machines work more so that we can focus on our lives .

    Data has been created to much,we need to mine it and gain insight so that every decision is taken in full awareness.

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