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  • The curse of working in computing is that the only constant is change. The skill that will command top dollar one year may not command any job at all five years later.

    Although it is possible to make a career out of learning these tumbleweed skills, it is incredibly difficult. It means constantly watching the tumbleweed of new things blow by and picking something you hope will stick around long enough to invest in.  Then you hop on board to learn it and move to the jobs that want to exploit it.

    The end result is likely to be wide but shallow technical skills, knowing enough to build a small-scale system using any number of techniques.  It can be exhausting and is unlikely to grow the skills that increase happiness in life.

    Diving deep into a widely used skill can be life-enhancing.  To get anything done means developing people-skills, which are a key to long-term success.  Learning how to build reliable systems that work at large scale means engaging with end-users to find their problems.  It gives you control over when to move to a new job to add extra depth to your skills.   In the end, knowing how to enhance other people's lives helps bring happiness to your own.  If you do this well and keep learning, you get top dollar salary that can stay top dollar until you retire.

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  • At the start of my career the breadth of technology was narrow.  There were 2 certifications for SQL Server and it was possible to be highly proficient at all areas of SQL Server.  That stopped being the case over a decade ago.

    I'm wondering if the desire to spread oneself thinly is based in fear and uncertainty in the face of the hype deluge?

    When NOSQL reared its head and Hadoop was making waves I was scared.  All of a sudden a lot of hard work, studying in my own time and due diligence was going to be wiped out.

    When you exist at the time of a radical new idea that is being promoted by every man and his dog it is very hard to identify the hype for what it is. It feels like the world is changing so fast and if we don't chase the new shiny ball we'll become irrelevant.

    The reality behind the hype is there is a kernel of a good idea that will evolve over time but not a silver bullet.  Fred P Brooks is still right.


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