FN_GET_SQL missing from my SQL 2000 SP4 installation

  • I've just discovered that system function FN_GET_SQL is missing from my SQL200 production server. I have it on my SQL 2000 development servers. I have re-applied SP4 without any errors from the GUI but it didn't restore it. Going to the context menu on one of my development boxes, Generate SQL Scripts is greyed out.

    Has anyone encountered this and discovered a way to restore it?

  • Ever fix this one?

  • No I haven't resolved it. Are you having the same problem?

  • What edition of SQL 2000 are the production instances that are missing this function? Is the account that you are looking with in the sysadmins server role?

    Joie Andrew
    "Since 1982"

  • The server in question is Enterprise Edition.

    I've used both SA and my own windows credentials that is a sysadmin role.

  • That is strange. Never seen that before. Do you also get no records returned if you run the following query:

    USE master


    SELECT * FROM sysobjects WHERE name LIKE '%fn_get_sql%'

    Joie Andrew
    "Since 1982"

  • That's correct. That query does not return any records.

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