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  • I'm on a hybrid remote/office schedule. Two days at the office, 3 days at home.

    This is a nice balance because part of my work involves setting up hardware as well as stuff that can be handled remotely. So hybrid works nicely for me.

  • I'm also on a hybrid schedule, 3 days at home and 2 in office per week. One of those days in office is a team day where my entire team goes into office, we go for coffee/lunch, play some table tennis and have any in-person meetings, its more of a team building day. The other day is a floating day. This arrangement I find works wonderfully.

  • I'm also hybrid, Tuesday and Thursday in the office and the others at home.  Seems to work well, though I still feel annoyed if I have to go into the office on days I don't have any meetings.

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  • I work for an agency where we were all told to return to the office early this year. No reason given. It certainly isn't' because there's meetings, I need to be personally involved in. All meetings are done on MS Teams. I never meet with customers, that's all handled through Teams or email. I do live in a state, in the US, where the vast majority of businesses have managers who adamantly oppose WHF or hybrid. Regardless of what the evidence shows.

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  • Work at a company that does not offer any remote work but tries to make up for it by offing a 4.5 (36 hour) work week for its employees. It does a little to salve the wound of no remote work but we still lose people to companies that offer more flexibility.

  • I'm 100% remote.  My company is located 450 miles away.

    I go into the office when there are things like parties, golf outings, and such.

    There is definitely a "hole" being 100% remote at times, especially when there is an issue.  Having the ability to gather in a cube is missed at times.

    Plus my bad jokes are not that funny in Teams or email.  Not that they are that funny in person, but hey, you'll have that.

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