Flexible DTS Packages with Perl

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  • Congrats, Jeremy! on being published!

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Thanks. I really enjoyed writing this article. I have a few good ideas on other articles I would like to write, so this may be the first in a "series".

  • Jeremy, good job on the article! The "2 AM" test is the highest of all tests!! If it passes, it must be good!!!

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

    Also, sorry if you get a "side scroller".  I tend to write string concatinations on one line in my code. 

    I'll try to watch out for this in the future.

  • Just got a good question in an EMail about ActivePerl licensing.  ActivePerl is a free download from ActiveState and is provided for both commercial and non-commercial use. 


    See http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/docs/ActivePerl/EULA-Community_License.txt for licensing details on the ActivePerl package itself.

  • Great Article, have been looking for some more info on Perl DTS packages lately. One question for you, do you set the connection properties like this?

    $Connection->ConnectionProperties("File Type") = 1;

    $Connection->ConnectionProperties("Skip Rows") = 0;

    $Connection->ConnectionProperties("Text Qualifier") = """";

    In VBS its connection.ConnectionProperties("File Type") = 1

    so from what I can tell this looks correct


    Its actually more like...


    $Connection->{ConnectionProperties}->{"File Type"} = 1;

    $Connection->{ConnectionProperties}->{"Skip Rows"} = 0;

    $Connection->{ConnectionProperties}->{"Text Qualifier"} = """";

    But yeah, you get the general idea...

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