Fixing Maintenance Plan Error code 0x534

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  • Thanks for the article.

  • Thanks. I tried to use maintenance plans sometime around SQL 2005. I remember writing T-SQL to manually edit the XML for a plan so that it could be migrated to another instance. (Imbedded metadata prevented it from working after it was moved.) I also remember running out of disk space often because the cleanup would only run after all databases where successfully backed up - not after each database was successfully backed up. And then there was that issue with calculated columns. Out of frustration, I found Ola Hallengren's maintenance solution based on T-SQL jobs. It's worked like a charm. I'll probably retire before I consider going back to maintenance plans.

    Got maintenance plans? [/url]

    PS The "Delete old maintenance plan and re-create the maintenance plan" part was the main reason I went with T-SQL. T-SQL tends to be reliable and portable.

    RandyHelpdesk: Perhaps Im not the only one that does not know what you are doing. 😉

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