First Look: SQL Server 2005 SP2 CTP

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    When in doubt - test, test, test!


  • Hi Wayne,

    >>I dont see a list of any new features included in the service pack<<

    On the download page for the SP2 CTP, there's a link to an overview of all new features, conveniently labeled "review the What's New document". Clicking this link takes you to As you can see, there are LOTS of new features.

    >>Most importantly, I had only about 20 minutes of down-time.<<

    That's way to much for many shops. And way more than necessary. Instead of stopping all SQL Server services and then some in order to avoid a reboot, why not leave SQL Server running during the install process and accept a reboot when the installation is finished? Or are you trying to tell me that rebooting your system would have taken more than 20 minutes?

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  • Thanks for the comments, Hugo. I missed that link to new features. 🙁 Sorry.

    Good point with the downtime. A reboot will take less time than shutting down the services, so that option whould be preferable.



    When in doubt - test, test, test!


  • Wayne,

    Don't let the low rating of the article (at the time I am writing this) discourage you! I thought that article itself was fine but it didn't mention any of the changes that we might expect after we're done with the upgrade. Your presentation of the install process might be helpful for those less familiar with the SQL service pack process but for most of us here it may not be quite as valuable.

    Thank you!

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  • Here you are asked if you would like to automatically send error reports and feature usage data to Microsoft. I always leave these options unticked.

    Strongly suggest that you do check the checkboxes for reporting errors. 

    I do for all MS software, and several times the error report will come back with a KB article or link to a hotfix that corrects the specific problem.  In the case of unattended software (service software), the helpful links will be in the event log.

    Even if you don't care about fixing the problem, the data submitted to MS helps to record and analyze problems, and to help MS prioritize their worklist.


  • Mark, I too thought it was a great article to get the user an overview. I had forgotten about the Vista option altogether. You inspired me to produce a quick video about the new features and the installation process here in case anyone is interested:

    Brian Knight

  • Does anybody know when Microsoft is expected to release this service pack officially? Thanks.

  • I could not find the link I saw, but I remember reading it was to be released before the official launch of Vista (since it is required to run SQL Server 2005 any edition on Vista).


  • Right now, it's slated for a next month release but you never know. You've got to think remember that they won't support you on vista without SP2 so they releases have to match pretty close.

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