Finding when a SQL Failover Cluster Instance failed over....

  • I have a couple SQL 2019 FCI.

    Is there a way to find when a SQL Failover Cluster Instance failed over or if someone moved it from one node to another?

    I'd like to get the date, time and who did the move.

    Or is this kind of info only in the WSFC data?

  • The easy way is to look in the SQL Server error log. It'll tell you. You can also see it in the Windows event log. Pretty sure you automatically get an Extended Event session that shows information on the AG that will also have it, but I'm not 100% on that.

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  • I use a start up procedure to send me an email whenever the SQL instance starts up.  If someone failed it over, it will start up on another node.  Of course that doesn't address who did it.  Getting that is trickier, I think Grant's advice is best on that part of it.

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  • Do you have a "dummys" version instructions on how you setup the startup procedure?

    I've been out of SQL mgmt for a while and getting back into it.

    I found this:

    I'll try it this weekend


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