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  • You need to have the right privileges to run sp_logininfo. I don't, on some of our systems.

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  • If your enterprise has multiple domains and the user or group domain is different from the server domain then xp_logininfo may not be able to provide any information on that user or group.  For example, we have server in Domain A and group DomainA\ADgroup.  Inside that group are members DomainB\Member1 and DomainB\Member2.  xp_logininfo can list the DomainB members in DomainA\ADgroup.  And those members have access.  But if I use xp_logininfo with login DomainB\Member1 I get error "Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user".

  • I think the answer could use a bit of clarification. This only works if the group is assigned a login in SQL Server.

    Also, re: "A caveat here is that the first group granted access to SQL Server is returned unless the ALL value is used for the @privilege parameter." If the AD user account has an explicit login as well, that will be the first/only row returned, and permission path will be NULL.

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