Finding Objects Owned by non-DBO Users

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  • Very handy script.

    Note:  I have a few databases with spaces in the name of the database.  This frequently trips up scripts but yours is easy to enhance for such a situation.  Simply change below line:

     ,,  from '+@dbname+'.dbo.sysobjects SO join '+@dbname+'.dbo.sysusers SU


     ,,  from ['+@dbname+'].dbo.sysobjects SO join ['+@dbname+'].dbo.sysusers SU

    Thanks for sharing your code.




  • Definitely a handy script.  Although the developers in my company all have dbo privileges to the development database, our Windows Group login is mapped to a user other than dbo.  We are forever creating procedures without specifying the [dbo]. in [dbo].[<procedurename>] and ending up owning the procedure instead of dbo.

    I would make one enhancement to the script. Right after the SET NOCOUNT ON line, I would add this line:

    DELETE FROM [ObjList]

    to prevent duplicates from a previous execution from appearing in the table

  • Mike,

    Thanks for the suggestion.




  • I didn't include DELETE FROM [ObjList] becuase I want to maintain the history also. If some one don't want to maintain the history, he/she may include the DELETE statement. This is just a concept and we can use it in different ways.

    Thanks a lot for your time.


  • It is a usefull Script; however, I will avoid the cursor.

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