Finding "all" SQL Servers on the domain

  • I know [I've used 5 months ago] that there is a command line (MS-DOS) which searches the network for all (on-line) SQL Servers.

    I have been in medical leave and things have change here quite a while, so I like to get a good listing of all the old and new MS SQL Servers in the network.

    I appreciate any prompt response so I can start to get busy with my DBA tasks.

    Thanks sincerely,

    Leo C.

  • Although I don't know of such a command line tool, I bet you'll find several scripts in the script section. So I would search the site.

    Don't get too soon too busy!

    Frank Kalis
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP
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  • I believe the tool that you are looking for is SQLPing, you can download it from

    Works great, unless of course you have the server behind a properly configured do have that right? Or are you just looking for "rogue installs"?

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  • Try this:

    osql -L


    isql -L

    But results might not be 100% accurate.



  • what about opening Control Panel >> Data source (ODBC) ...

    and make a new DSN ... and choose SQL Server .. then in Server combo box .. you will find All worked (and may be non worked) servers

    Alamir Mohamed

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