Find matched records between two tables

  • Hi, I haven't been able to find anywhere how to do or which transformation to use.

    I've seen Lookup but it only has one input, merge join but I could only get it to append...

    I'm using SSIS 2019 Community in VS with Windows 10.

    I've brought in two tables using flat file source nodes

    They both have a PK of TransID that has been sorted, I'm looking for the best next step.

    I've seen that you can go to the ToolBox items and check the Table compare option but I don't have that available.

    Can someone suggest a nice quick easy method to join 2 tables to a Transformation, link the TransID PKs & output a matched * not matched output??


  • Merge Join is the way to do any sort of INNER/LEFT/RIGHT/FULL join in SSIS, the below should give you an idea how to do it in SSIS,Join%20in%20SSIS%20Using%20Merge%20Join%20Transformation%20.


    I do have to ask why the transformation has to be done in the process flow.  Why not do it as ELT (which is how I think 99% of things should be done really  ETL is rarely what is needed in many SSIS packages I look at, its all Extract, Load, Transform) where you load to the files into temp / holding tables, then use native T-SQL to query and produce the transformed extract.

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