Find all instances of SSRS in a domain

  • There is probably a uber-simple answer to this question, but how would someone go about finding out all instances of SSRS in a particular domain?

    There are 50+ physical servers and probably 150+ instances of SQL Server itself, so I'd like to avoid a manual search. I would also like to get the default address for each because the couple of SSRS instances that I know of have different naming conventions (I.e. one may be http://myserver/Reports or http://myserver/SQLreports or http://myserver/prod/reports)

    Any help is appreciated!


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  • wow that's a good question; i hadn't thought about auditing Reporting service instances....

    do you think it would it be enough to use something like SQLRecon to find all SQL instances, then trying to connect to each and look for any database that is like '%ReportServer%'? that would infer that Report Services is installed, right?

    I had used SQLRecon to gather a list of servers previously, so this seems like a possibility.

    I'll test it on my LAN and see if the idea is worthy and report back.


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