Find a string in DB objects.

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  • Important Note/Update:

    Since this was written, there are three types of functions now, so the IN statements should be updated to include the updated types desired to be searched.

    ala MSDN...>

    xtype char(2) Object type. Can be one of these object types:

    C = CHECK constraint

    D = Default or DEFAULT constraint

    F = FOREIGN KEY constraint

    L = Log

    FN = Scalar function

    IF = Inlined table-function

    P = Stored procedure

    PK = PRIMARY KEY constraint (type is K)

    RF = Replication filter stored procedure

    S = System table

    TF = Table function

    TR = Trigger

    U = User table

    UQ = UNIQUE constraint (type is K)

    V = View

    X = Extended stored procedure


    IN ('C','D','FN','P','TR','V')


    IN ('C','D','FN','IF','TF','P','TR','V')

    at a minimum.


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