Filetable User or Document ID?

  • I've looked into the new Filetable feature a bit, but I can't see any way to identify the upload user. I'm also not aware of a way to get back the document ID immediately after upload. Does anyone else know of a way to achieve these two things? As a developer, (and accidental DBA) I'd like to begin using this feature, but if you can't tie these documents to an existing record, or identify the user who owns the document... I can't see a good use for it. Also, do these documents dump into the same 1 folder forever, or do they get organized in some way eventually? Anyone who's worked with thousands of files in 1 directory knows that it performs quite poorly while trying to search / scroll / sort / view etc in that folder.

  • I have the same doubt! :ermm:

  • I haven't seen one intriguing article on this feature yet. Our company is about to re-write a few applications that involve file uploads and document sharing. Maybe they'll address this in an R2 implementation after they try using it in SharePoint 2013?

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