Filetable File Lengths

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  • Another nice question.

    The more I see of these questions the more I think I'm going to have to start playing with filestream and flletables - the documentation doesn't really cover it very well, and is just plain sometimes wrong (the schema, for example) so playing with it will be the only way to learn.

    But it will have to wait until I get my laptop back from repair (some sort of really weird fault somewhere in the IO subsystem hardware or firmware, diagnosis not helped by Windows 10 being unable to cope with the fault and hanging every time any diagnostics are attempted) - I'm certainly not going to attempt it on the= ancient and decrepit machine (held together by luck and guesswork and mostly rolling my own fixes) which I dug out or retirement while waiting for repair on the shiny new one (or to be told it's irreparable and I have to spend a vast amount on a replacement).


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  • Good!

    Next month I want to start using filetable.

    I'm really curious.


  • Makes my day if I can make it seem like its worth digging into!

    Filestream - especially the streaming option - is worth some time. Filetable intrigues me. I still want to write some code to move from blobs to filestream to filetable, make sure I really get the differences.

  • No fun without a red herring or two:-)

  • Nice question indeed, never stored txt files but had a good inkling.

    What I don't understand is why it is not possible to define all file extensions that you want recognised or indeed have pre-requisites installed automatically based on choice, rather than having to add extras to the server so that it can read other file types e.g. pdf's


  • Great question, thanks.

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  • Thanks for the good question.

  • Thanks for this interesting but poisonous QOD which was not easy to answer as it is mixing file system ( too often overlooked by the DBAs ) and SQL Server.

    But with 20 minutes to think , it was easy to find the good choices.

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