Filegroup for indexes

  • Definitely a good question.

    At first I thought is was easy. Then I thought maybe it wasn't - could it be possible that in the case of a clustered index the leaf nodes didn't go where the index was told to go? And then I though that was a crazy idea. And then I vacillated beyween the two possibilities - and ended up trying to look the answer up - but I must have been having a mind block about search terms :doze: because neither MSDN's built in bing nor google turned anything useful up. So I went to bed, and the next day I went with my original thought, picked the easy answer, and got the point - and then discovered from the explanation that it's nicely documented in MSDN on precisely the BOL page that I ought to have looked at first :blush:. And it can't have been jet lag - yesterday I had only had a 4½ hour flight with no time zone change.


  • Raghavendra Mudugal (12/3/2013)

    Very interesting one. Thank you for the post, Carlo. 🙂

    (even though having some knowledge on this, I actually never noticed the table changes its FG)

    Neither do I!

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  • Yeah, interesting question. Thanks Carlo.

    Igor Micev,My blog:

  • Really good question. 🙂

  • good one!

    got +1 by pure chance

  • This one was easy:) Thanks!

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