File System Task is Giving Access denied Error

  • Hello Everyone

    I am creating a package that will delete all files from a directory, and then copy new files into that same directory.

    I am having an issue with the delete task. I have tried both a Script Task and a File System Task. Both are throwing an Access Denied error. I have given the Service Account that SSIS uses, Full Permissions to that directory. I can copy file into the directory fine, I just cannot Delete anything from there.

    Does anyone have an idea of what I may check or look into? Of does anyone have a better way of doing this?

    For the time being, I have set up a SQL job using xp_cmdshell (I know, I really hated to turn that feature on to perform a delete. That is usually turned off always!!)that does go out and and delete all the file before the copy. That works fine. What am I missing when using the SSIS package?

    Thank you in advance

    Andrew SQLDBA

  • 2 questions..

    1. Are you Admin on the said machine

    2. Is that drive where the folder is placed a local drive or a Network share drive?

    Raunak J

  • If you are executing the SSIS package from the SQL Agent, then it is the SQL Agent service account that will need the proper permissions to the directory, not the Integration Services account.

    Alternatively, you could set up a proxy account with the correct permissions and run as that account in a job.

  • Yes to both

    I have given the service account full access permissions to the directory. I can copy into that directory, but I cannot delete from. The directory is on the same box, on the same spindle.

    I am trying to run this from within VS BIDS to verify that everything works. It is using an XML config file to fill the variables that the C# code used to perform the delete task. Everything is working perfectly, all but the delete method.

    I honestly do not believe this is a permissions issue.

    This is really odd.

    Andrew SQLDBA

  • since you are able to add new shd not be the issue with the credentials...have u implemented any scripts that involves IO operation

    Raunak J

  • Yes, that is all that is in the Script Task.

    Delete files from a directory.

    Andrew SQLDBA

  • Is it possible that something is locking the files that you are trying to delete?

  • No, I am the only one using this box. I just copied the files there. The FileInfo class does not lock the files in any way.

    I am using a File System Task after I disabled the Script Task. It does nothing other than delete the files from the directory that is listed in the xml config.

    Andrew SQLDBA

  • have you closed and disposed the streams, if any

    Raunak J

  • Yes, currently the delete task is now the only task in the package.

    I have scheduled the package, and it is still give the same error.

    I am going to move the package to another box, to see if there is a policy set on the workstations here in this office.


    Andrew SQLDBA

  • I had the same issue and was getting stressed out by this. I mistakenly set my File System Task operation to 'Delete File', which to a normal syntax of a programmer would make sense, theres a loop delete one file per loop.

    What actually needs to happen is to remove the ForEach loop all together, and set the File System Task operation to 'Delete Directory Content'. This is all assuming you are using the ForEach as I was. There is a way to do it, if you wanted to keep your foreach, simple refer to :

  • Hi,

    Suggest you to check the attributes of the file (which you are trying to delete). If the file attributes is ReadOnly, you should use the File system task to change the attribute (ReadOnly=False) before try to delete the file.

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