File backup to dedicated nic

  • I've SQL Server 2019 Always On cluster (latest CU) that has 4 network adapters. Two of the are teamed as production network and two adapters for iSCSI networks. I'm using ( scripts for backup. The destination where backups are saved has same kind of network adapter configuration. Backups are working ok, but I wonder why I see heavy network traffic on all adapters during backup?

    Backup is configured to use only one adapter

    @Directory = '\\\backup$\Staging',

    Production network has subnet

    iSCSI has subnets and

    Using netstat on the destination server I can see that sessions are open from both adapters


    TCP iscsi1-stag-sql02:56823 ESTABLISHED

    Is there way to force backup to use only specific networks? The goal is to get backup traffic out of the production network



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  • MPIO (Multipath IO) is enabled on server. Could that be the reason for behavior?

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