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  • Easy one. Thanks.

  • easy one, very easy point.....

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    Easy one. Thanks.


  • Easy one for Friday. Thanks

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  • Nice question. I always mix up DATALENGTH and LEN.

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  • DATALENGTH provides exact length of the field if it is fixed length. If the field is of variable length, it returns the length of the data in the field

    It's not quite true. A variable of type CHAR is padded with blanks, so DATALENGTH returns the numbers of BYTES occupied by data with trailing SPACES.

    If you use NCHAR(10), e.g., DATALENGTH returns 20, because data take 20 bytes of storage.

  • Simple question, but wonder why the question was not just focused on column d and e and DATALENGTH and LEN.

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  • I wonder what was the thinking behind the third answer?

    Why would someone think '10' will be returned if you entered '40' at the insert?

    Maybe I was just clever to read from the back 😛

  • Carlo

    You are correct in your statement. However, just wanted to give an easy overview explanation to the answer. I could have gone "real deep" in the explanation, but I thought not too.

    Again, thanks for the follow up 😉

  • All:

    Thank you for your responses. I thought an easy one for Friday would be fun and since a lot of "DBA's" (logical\physical\both) have issues with data\field storage, this would be a nice example. I just joined SQLServerCentral and I must say I have really enjoyed taking the quizzes, reading the articles, collaborating with my peers, etc. 😀

    Again, happy Friday to all and expect more from me.



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