Fear of "What If"

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  • I read this this morning when I woke up about 3:00 am and picked up my phone. It got me thinking and I mulled this over for the next hour. I think 'What if?' is the basis of our entire being from the lowest level of existance. Even our whole autonomic nervous system depends on an inbuilt 'what if' from trying our first breath to satisfy a need for oxygen. The results satisfy the need and we continue to breath for our lifetime. On the other hand, if we reach out and touch a flame we learn that the results are not good, so we try not to do it again. It's a stimulus/response thing.

    On the scientific side, ever since I studied Historical Geology in the early 1960's, I've believed in what is called Theistic Evolution (a view that God acts and creates through laws of nature), basically a guided process where creation has progressed through an evolutionary process of 'what if' changes.  This to me explains the whole concept of extinction/adaptation.

    Our whole existance is based on a 'what if' approach to learning and surviving and improving. It is only a bad thing when we let it get too much control or we fail to learn.

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