fdhost.exe service does not relinquish memory

  • O/S - Windows NT 6.3 (9600) - Physical Machine

    16GB of Physical Memory and 8 Processors

    SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition (64-bit) Version 12.0.6118.4 - Named Instance - Non Clustered

    The same service account is used on the following services: SQL Server, SQL Server Agent, SQL Full-text Filter Damon Launcher, SQL Server Integration Services 12.0

    Good Morning,

    We've been utilizing SQL Server 2014 for 6 years now and ever since we began writing applications to leverage SQL Server Full Text, we've experienced the same issue, with respect to the fdhost.exe service not willing to relinquish memory, (which can be as much as 6GB), after we drop and re-create a full text index.

    Thus far, the only way we've been able to get the fdhost.exe service to relinquish it's physical memory is to kill the associated fdhost.exe service within the Task Manager.

    Is there a better way of insuring that the associated fdhost.exe service will relinquish the vast amount of physical memory it has consumed while a full text index was being built, other than killing the associated fdhost.exe service within the Task Manager?

    Thank you & take care


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