Fastest way to find DB object dependencies

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  • The solution was tidy, but I'm not sure calling the referenced object a "child" of the dbobject makes much sense. Also, I found another limitation (and one I cannot offer a fix for): Sometimes not all the dependencies for views come through. I have a view with multiple CTEs. In one environment 5 of 6 references were found. In another, a different set of 5 of the 6 references were found. I cannot fathom why that would happen.

  • Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your feedback.

    Calling the referenced object a "child" of the dbobject was something of requirement at my end. I assumed people using the code may change it as per their needs, so I kept it as it is.

    I couldn't recreate the scenario you pointed out. It would be helpful if you could share more details about it so the issue can be tackled.

  • I can't think of a good way to produce an example of the issue I found. Just imagine that your view has more than one CTE and each CTE has different references. In my database, I found that only some of the references were logged in the sys.sql_dependencies table. Oddly enough, in other environments the same thing happened, but a different subset of referenced objects were logged. Perhaps it had something to do with changes to the referenced objects. Perhaps the view just needed to be re-compiled in order that the dependencies be updated. The problem is (if I have to re-compile everything) that wouldn't be feasible, I think.

  • You can try a free addin for SQL Server Management Studio - SQL Refactor Studio (

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    SQL Refactor Studio Team

  • will this work on SQL 2K5 instance ?

  • Thanks. I changed the column names to be a bit more friendly to me.

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