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  • What would I like to see in SQL Server in the future?

    1. Assertions (in the SQL standard since SQL-92. Until now no one has implement them - I hear Oracle are currently working on it).

    2. Set based results from constraints. When a primary or foreign key is violated and multiple rows are effected then all rows that violate the constraint should be returned and not just the "first" one.

  • Yes definetely  "restore only ONE table" ( or objects) is really the most outstanding lacking features. And dear Steve, software like LightSpeed for SqlServer have bene done It, and very well, since many years. Haven't you Heard about?

  • mmm,set based results. I like it.

    Frederico, Redgate has also had this with SQL Backup Pro and our Object Recovery tool. We could do it because we tracked where objects were in the backup. We found almost no one used it because of data issues, but it's a nice idea in some cases.

  • I'd love to see bulk inserts permissions be assignable to regular users without the need for server roles to be assigned.

    Just saying.. Would be pretty awesome.

  • Call me crazy, but I've always wanted deferrable constraints, and the ability to use intervals (ranges) as keys.

  • I'd like to see the ability to create a filtered index on a computed column, even if limited to PERSISTED computed columns

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