Failed Maintenance Plan on SQL 2000

  • I have a problem with a Maintenance Plan on SQL 2000. The whole plan works just fine exept one thing. The job for backing up the transction log fails. The log for my main database works fine, but the problem is that the translogs for pubs, northwind, msdb and master fails. This means that the "whole job" fails (yes, I know that my translog backup for my main backup works, but it's very annoying to see "fail" on this job every day, even that it's partly works). All other jobs in the maintenance plan works fine. I've setup this kind of maintenance plan for several servers and this server is the only one that has this problem. In the maint.plan I've checked "All databases" etc.

    The error I receive for the for db that the translogs backup dont work for is "Backup can not be performed on this database. This sub task is ignored"

    Can anyone help me??!

    Kind regards

    Bjorn M

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