Extracting from an ODBC source

  • I have a Pervasive 6.15 database which i can connect to using ODBC i have already completed an initial upload/transform of data into a sql warehouse. However, i wish to set a daily job to pull only that data in the source which does not appear in the warehouse. There is a unique ID in the source but i cant seem to get my DTS to work. Any ideas?

  • Assuming you are using sql 2k I would say use a global variable to assign the date of the information you want to pull and only move those as apposed to trying to link the tables across servers... sorry I do not know Pervasive so you may not be able to do this.

  • the dates are not stored as dates more like yyyymmdd. My trouble is i do not seem to be able to refer to the dest table in the select query from the source

  • If I understand this correctly, you are executing the sql on the source database which means that you need to have a odbc to the destination datavbase present on the source for the sql to work. Else you need to use the sql destination connection i.e. run the sql on the destination sql server, use a openrowset query to use the odbc driver to connect to the pervasise source DB

  • Load the data (from Pervasive) into a staging table and then create another task to insert into the dest table info that is not present.

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