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    I have inherited the SQL server. The password for many logins are not passed on to me. Is there a way I could look into the system table to retrieve the passwords?

    Some of the client-server based applications could have hardcoded the password and if I change it on the SQL server end, it will break the program. Is there any workaround?

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  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Not that I know of. These are encrypted with the understanding that they will never be decrypted.

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  • Andy Warren

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    Couple other ideas. One is to just change them one at a time, see what breaks. Some might be outdated/not used anyway. You could try using Netmon to capture the traffic, odds are the login/password is not encrypted. Another way is to open the exe in Notepad, search for the login - very often you can find the password in clear text near by (one reason to employ some kind of encoding or encyrption if you stored login/pwd in the compiled app).

    You might also find that your developers have it all in a version control system where you can just look through the code to find it.


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