Extract multiple files from multiple directories with a data flow task

  • I suspect that the path name is not making it to your mini-package.

    Since the error message says "The system cannot find the path specified," I would put a popup in your mini-package that displays the path it is using so you can confirm that it is being passed the correct path.

    Here is the code to pass the global variable to the mini-package:

    Dim PathVariable As String = Dts.Variables("PathVariable").Value.ToString

    Here is the code for the popup to display the path:

    Dim button As DialogResult = MessageBox.Show(PathVariable, "PathVariable", MessageBoxButtons.OK)

  • Thank you so much Stan for your reply. After adding your script to the mini package, I got the same error. However, I have populated the Variable Mapping node of the Foreach loop with the variables vPKName, vTableName, vTempTableName and PkgName, and assigned index values accordingly. When I run it, I get a different error this time:

    Error: Error 0xC00CE556 while loading package file "E:\Extracts\RLT_GE_RF_DPRUL_01DYS_20110503_0000_V01.csv" into an XML document. Invalid at the top level of the document.

    Line 1, Column 1.

    It seems to be reading the data file but what I dont understand is why the error says it is loading it into an XML document. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your time.


  • I have never passed variable-values to another package. I believe that you are not doing it right, but I can't tell you what you are doing wrong because I have never done it.

    I would suggest adding all the components from the main package to your mini-package containing the data flow task to make a combined single package. That would circumvent the variable problem. I know from personal experience that it's easier to add components to the package with the data flow task than to move the data flow task to another package.

  • Thank you Stan. I will try that and see what happens.


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