External Image Not Displaying on Published Report (no red X)

  • I've set my image properties to 'external' and use the expression:





    I published the image to the 'Images' folder that is at the same level as my 'Reports' and 'Data Sources' folder. (using what I found in this article:  https://deltadentalwa.sharepoint.com/sites/BusinessIntelligence30/BI%20Library/Shared%20Images%20in%20SSRS.pdf)

    I published my report to my 'Reports' folder.

    I navigate to the report and double click, report renders correctly EXCEPT there is no image.  No red X either.

    I have tried lots a variations, but no changes.  No image and not even a red 'X'.  Any suggestions?


  • Try the following to see if it shows anything:





    If it doesn't , remove "IIF" and hardcode the "/Images/SSRS_DDWA_Logo_Stacked_Green.png".

    Simple step-by-step debugging either from top to bottom or contrariwise.


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  • No change, no image and no red 'X'.

    Would the no red 'X' mean permission issues?  I have the folder set to everyone with view security level.

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