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  • All,

    Can anyone advise the correct way to put this expression together? I've tried a few combinations but each results in an error when I press OK. I don't think it's relevant but it's the "arguments" expression for an execute process task.

    SSIS expression builder



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  • What is SSIS saying it wrong with it? Also, please post the expression as text, rather than an image, so that we can at least copy and paste it.


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  • I just typed this in and it works fine, what error you getting?

    (DT_WSTR,255)("e C:\\Users\\as1981\\Downloads\\stackoverflow\\0302020 StackOverflow\\") + (DT_WSTR,255)( @[User::Filename])

    here is the result when i hit Evaluate Expression:

    e C:\Users\as1981\Downloads\stackoverflow\0302020 StackOverflow\ThisisMyFilename.txt

  • Both: Thanks for your help.

    Thom A: Sorry I didn't think of pasting as text. I will do in future.

    I've just compared AlphaTangoWhiskey's  example against mine and found the issue. It was the missing double backslashes in the path. I hadn't noticed they were missing but also wasn't looking at the content of the string as I thought that wouldn't be evaluated until runtime.



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  • Just a quick note - you may need to embed double-quotes into that string for it to work correctly.  There is a space in the path and it will probably cause an issue with execute process task and the parameter.

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  • Thanks for the advice. You are correct I had to make further corrections. When I have access to the system again I'll post the final expression in case it helps anyone in the future

  • In relation to my previous post here is the final expression:

    "e \"C:\\Users\\username\\Downloads\\stackoverflow\\032020 StackOverflow\\" + (DT_WSTR,255)( @[User::FileName]) + "\""


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