Exporting to Excel Using a CLR Stored Procedure

  • Anders Pedersen


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    Comments posted to this topic are about the item <A HREF="/articles/SQLCLR/68842/">Exporting to Excel Using a CLR Stored Procedure</A>

  • Tim Wolf

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    Where is the CLR source attachment?

  • tejwanigulab

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    But its of no use for somebody whose application supports the three databases MSSQL, Sybase and Oracle. I guess we don't have anything like this for Sybase and Oracle.

  • arora.sandeep


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    Where is the Source Code attachment?

  • Shubhajyoti Ghosh

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    Good attempt, But where is your source code ?




  • Praveen Balanagendra


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    Could not find the source code or the dll mentioned in the article.

  • gerhard.vanniekerk-1031535

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    CLR Download or source?

  • Madhivanan-208264


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    This is another method that uses OPENROWSET command which doesnot require CLR



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  • DeWet

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    Yeah the source code would be nice 😉

  • matija.gluhak


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    +1 to "where is the source code ?" you mentioned.

    I could use that CLR but i would like to add some specific things in it (like sending dynamic SQL, sending list of columns you like to export and replaced with captions you send as another parameter .. etc.)

  • ashutosh.pathak

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    Where is source code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bharathsivam

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    Attachment (ExcelExport.dll) is missing.

  • Rob Fisk


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    Calm down everyone. Source has already been asked for repeatedly. Give it time.

    Thanks for opening this alternative avenue.

    It looks as if it could be a bit more flexible than the OPENROWSET and BCP examples if used within a SP for creation of a new sheet. I'm assuming it will have similar problems if called from an application in that the path will be local to the SQL server (thinking within a network, not over the internet of course).

    Though if it was a web based application then that could be used to retrieve the sheet easily enough.

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  • alber-1003707


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    Looking forward to test it. Exactly what I need

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  • h 47762

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    Nice, but where is the .... ?

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