Exporting in Excel without cells or excel columns merging for one column of data table(need sorting, data filters perfectly)

  • Hi,

    I have an issue with the excel exporting of the report using ssrs. I am using only the body section for exporting to excel. Here in the body i have an Image, Textbox(for Title), textbox2(for dates from,to) and below it i have a table having the columns used for showing the data. The report gets generated but when i exported to excel, All the columns and rows in the excels sheets come close and its like there is no uniformity. Few columsn of excel are covered under a single columsn of the data table. So its making users feel uncomfortable while they see the excel.

    So Please Let me know if there is best way of exporting to excel using ssrs so that the excel looks better with no columns and cells merged. Please let me know if there is an answer for this. I want the Sorting feature, Top 10 and and data filters running in the excel report.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Suman,

    I think, you can sort this issue by setting few properties for SSRS report such as report size, width and even setting page properties should help...:)

    Do let me know, are you using a Tabular report or playing with a Matrix?



  • I'm running into the same issue as the OP. When exported to excel the cells become merged and excel won't allow sorting/filtering on merged cells.

    Is there a way to get around this? At the moment I'm currently exporting to CSV and then importing into excel, but I lose the header and designs I created.


  • There is not much you can do about Rendering Engine rules. If all columns are wide enough to contain data and the data is properly aligned, cells will not be merged.

    The most frequent impetus for merging are long headers. Once you do this --

    *** My very long header ***

    Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3


    ... | ... | ...

    the engine will merge any cells in all three columns that were merged in the top row to accommodate the long header.

  • Further to what Revenant said, if you have tables above other tables and the columns don't line up exactly, you'll get columns merging together. Use the location and width properties to make sure the tables are perfectly in line and you won't have a problem, better still, use page break before/after to put tables on to separate tabs of the spreadsheet.

  • for SSRS 2016 -- 

    Agreed with the header and footer skewing the Excel column creation.

    • Start out with just the table(s). Get rid of headers and footers. 
    • Another post said putting each table inside of a Rectangle.
    • Ensure your page size is large enough for the Width. I found a merge cell where a page break would be.
    We're still creating patterns that will work generically, but this was a good start for us.

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