Export to Word???

  • Does anyone know why MS did not include export to Word?  Does anyone know if MS plans on including this in future releases?


  • I would guess MS will not add an export to Word for the following reasons:

    1. In my experience most people want to manipulate the data in a report so Excel is better
    2. MS appears to have gone to PDF format for printing the reports
    3. You can save the report as HTML and open it in Word already
  • I understand.  One question though, so far exporting to Excel isn't working.  Have you seen this?

  • I have not experienced any issues exporting to Excel.  A couple of questions:

    1. Is Excel installed on the PC running the report?
    2. What version of Excel is being used?  I don't know for sure, but you certainly can't put it past MS that they require Excel XP or 2000 at a minumum. 


  • yes it is and it is 2000.  What happens is it dumps stuff into a spreadsheet, but it looks horrible.  It doesn't appear that any of the data is contained within it.  I would cut paste it, but there is a lot.

  • It's hard ot say what the problem without seeing the report.  I have a Matrix Report that i sugly in Excel because it has drill down, but all the data is there.  And FYI right out of the RS BOL (red highlighting added):

    TIFFRenders a report in a page-oriented format. This format is recommended for printing. It is not recommended for large reports.
    Acrobat (PDF) FileOpens a report in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.Choose this format for large reports, paginated reports, and for reports that are delivered as a file.
    Web archiveRenders a report in MHTML. The report opens in Internet Explorer.This format produces a self-contained, portable report (embeds images within the report). Choose this format to view reports offline or for e-mail based delivery.
    ExcelRenders a report in Microsoft Excel.This format is useful for report data that you want to manipulate offline or in Microsoft Excel. Avoid this format for large reports.

    This format requires Microsoft Excel version 10 from Office 2002 or version 11 from Office 2003.

    XMLRenders a report in XML. The report opens in a browser.The purpose of this format is to copy report data from report server to other applications or servers.
    CSVRenders a report in comma-delimited format. The report opens in a viewing tool associated with CSV file formats.This format produces the smallest file size. The purpose of this format is to copy report data from report server to other applications or servers.
    HTML with Office Web ComponentsRenders a report in an Office Web Component that loads within the browser window.This format provides interactive features that you can use to manipulate a report that is connected to a report server. This format requires that you have Office Web Components version 10 from Office 2002 installed on your client computer.
  • This is the problem.  Sorry for the question.  The client PC is running 9.X.

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