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    I need to export some reports to excel 2000 format. The included export feature produces files readable only from excel 2003. Any ideas ?

  • I just tried to export a report to an Excel file and it opened in Excel 2000.  Do you get an error message or something when you try to open it in Excel 2000?

    Are you clicking 'Open' or 'Save' when you export the report?

    You could always export the report to a CSV file and then open it in Excel 2000.


  • Thanks for the prompt answer.

    I do not get an error message but the exported file is not a typical xls file but a MHTML file that can be iterpeted from excel 2002 and on. When you export it in CSV format the report design is not carried over so additional work has to done to recreate in it excel. When you consider the ease that reports can be created in RS everything will negated if we have to put additional effort to get the data in excel but in a readable form. I was hopping that MS will create an other export format. I cannot believe that everybody has moved on to the newer versions of the program. 

  • We are also facing same issue. Any workrounds for exporting to Excel 2000.

    It will be a major task to upgrade corporate desktops and I am surprised why MS did not support old versions.



  • When I export to Excel, the default format is MHTML, but you can SAVE AS a real Excel file that can be read in Excel 2000.


  • This issue is supposed to be fixed in an upcoming SP1 for Reporting Services (June/July 2004).  At that release RS will (allegedly) export in the native binary interchange format.

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