export stored images to disk

  • My movie collection has all dvd covers of every film stored inside the sql server database .

    Worked ok until the database grew over thousands of films and the retrieval of the data

    became a nightmare. So I decided to get them out of there to a separate folder where I

    would store them as *.jpeg files and load them by my application on after scroll event.

    Saving each and every film cover to a file is pretty long process to do manually.

    Is there a way I could export images stored in a sql server 2014 database (table name FILMS)

    to a file folder on disc ?

    Each film has an unique identifier (DVD_ID) so I tought I could batch export all images and

    save them to disk as a files so that each file is named as the DVD_ID of each film.

    Example: If the movie has DVD_ID as A001 the file stored would be called A001.jpeg.

    Any way to do this ?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • have you thought about using filestream ?


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